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What We Offer

The Theodore Roosevelt Council is proud to continue offering groundbreaking programs and opportunities to our youth. Below is the STEM Camp being offered. Plan ahead, be prepared, and REGISTER ASAP for a great opportunity to have fun and work on advancements. Please make sure to register online at Also, available on the registration page is a listing of any prerequisites (please review them beforehand). Lastly, always remember to get unit leader approval PRIOR to registering.


How to Create an Account & Register

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Refund Policy

There is a strict NO refund or transfer of credit policy for ALL STEM Camps & Merit Badge Workshops, in lieu of the extreme popularity of these programs and the overwhelming amount of special requests that are received.


Permission & Electronic Blue Cards

Scouts should discuss which badge they are registering for with their unit leader prior to signing up. Everyone is required to come to the camps with prior permission for the badge that they are taking, from their Unit Leader (no physical blue card required).

ALL Blue Cards are required to be handled digitally. When you register your respective scout(s) for their merit badge sessions, you are confirming their electronic blue card has been approved by a unit leader, which is made available to you with real time updates, through your login, at

All units earning advancement in camp must submit their advancements to their Council. Be sure to submit record of your scout's progress to your unit's advancement chair.

If a scout does not complete all of the requirements for a merit badge during the session, they will receive a “Partial Completion” and have their digital Blue Card returned indicating the requirements that were completed. Scouts can earn the badge by completing the requirements with a counselor at home, summer camp, etc. Scouts cannot “fail” Merit Badges; there are only different levels of completion. Note: Please check the most recent merit badge pamphlet for the most current information. 

Please follow this link for Blue Card Save & Print Instructions


February 21st - 24th 2023, STEM Vacation Camp from 9am to 3pm at the Council Program Center!

Badges include Citizenship in the Community, Moviemaking and Robotics

Registration cost is $250

Scouts will have the opportunity to earn three merit badges over the course of four days. Our talented OSR Staff and MBW Instructors will be assisting throughout the week to offer both knowledgeable and enjoyable classes for our scouts!

There will be 3 class sessions every day, with a lunch break included. Scouts should bring a bagged lunch everyday, along with a water bottle, pen/pencil, and paper.



Please make sure to check for prerequisites listed below, when registering for badges. Prerequisites can be done prior to arrival. If not completed beforehand, Scouts will receive a partial.


Citizenship in the Community - Complete Requirements 3 and 7 before the STEM Camp. Scouts will be asked to work on requirement 5 outside of camp. 

Moviemaking - None.

Robotics - None.

Register Below (Only for Scouts BSA)

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